Shy Chameleon Drama Co.

A Drama Education Company

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“We create programs and spaces that enable people to explore themselves and the world through Drama.”

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Our workshops are specially designed programs that provide a ‘hands-on’ opportunity to learn through drama. 


Our weekly drama classes run throughout the school term for various age groups and provide a safe environment to express creativity and grow in confidence.

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The Chameleon

The Chameleon

A Chameleon has two eyes that work independently of each other which means it can look at two different things at the same time. Shy Chameleon Drama Co. is based on being able to learn about both life and drama simultaneously. 

A Chameleon also has the ability to adapt to its changing environment. Our world is always changing and learning to adapt to those changes is a valuable life skill. Participating in drama provides people with the opportunity to refine this skill.

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