United Empire

United Empire

An Exploration of Relationships through Drama.

Drama acts as an agent through which relationships and relationship challenges can be explored. In this workshop students will participate in drama warm-ups, skill based exercises, pair work, group work and whole class activities.

United Empire allows students to involve themselves in their own learning by using a range of drama strategies including: Tableaux, flashbacks, flash forwards, mantle of the expert, teacher-in-role and role-play.

Workshop Details

Number of Sessions

5 Sessions

Session Duration

1 Hour per Session

Number of Students

10 – 25 Students

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Session Details



Family looks different for everyone. This session will allow students to explore the various forms family takes and the primary purpose of family.



Friendships provide you with a sense of belonging and an opportunity to learn more about yourself. This session will explore what to look for in a friend and how to be a good friend.



We all need healthy role-models. Students are encouraged to explore who these people might be and why they should be treated with respect.



Bullying is a deliberate misuse of power within relationships and causes a great deal of harm. This session explores bullying using a form of theatre called ‘theatre of the oppressed’.



All relationships experience conflict, it is a normal part of everyday life and we must learn healthy ways to handle it. In this session students become ‘experts in managing conflict.


“What a fantastic learning experience! The students were all engaged and learning through drama. They explored ideas around different relationships and some of the challenges they might face. Family, friendships, role models, bullying and conflict are all very relevant topics and integrated with key concepts that we are learning at school. I would highly recommend this program.”

Donna Sudana

Year 5 teacher

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