Wild Kingdom

Wild Kingdom

An exploration of Emotions through Drama.

Wild Kingdom is a 5 session workshop that uses a range of Drama techniques to explore emotions. It would make a great addition to current social emotional learning curriculum in schools. 

In this workshop students will participate in warm-ups, skill based exercises, pair work, group work and whole class activities. It will see students using a range of performance techniques – including play-building, playback, tableaux, thought-tracking and storytelling – in order to take students on an emotional learning Journey. 

Workshop Details

Number of Sessions

5 Sessions

Session Duration

1 Hour per session

Number of Students

10 – 25 Students

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Session Details


Emotional Vocabulary

We will help students build a larger and more complex ‘feeling’ vocabulary to make it easier for them to identify, and to discriminate between, feelings.


Emotional Reaction

We will educate students on the changes that occur in the body, physically, mentally and behaviourally when an emotional reaction is experienced.


Emotional Expression

We will teach on how to use logic to help make sense of feelings.


Emotional Resilience

We will share these three truths to help students develop emotional resilience – Emotions move through you; emotions serve a purpose; Emotions don’t define you.


Emotional Empathy

We will explore how emotions serve as social signals that allow us to interact with the needs of others in mind.


Thank you for coming in to our school and working with our students during a flexible, weekly timetable. Your adaptability and capacity to differentiate for the needs of the students was very much appreciated and ensured a smooth and effective class structure. The students felt safe and excited in their learning with you and were able to demonstrate significant development in labelling and acting on emotions.

Ali Brady

principal at moulden park school, nt

Drama can be overwhelming for some children and often in the classroom I see potential for it to create anxiety. Tara had a fantastic program that instantly made all the students in my class feel valued and comfortable. I was amazed to see each and every one of them giving the activities a go and really coming out of their shells! I would recommend the Shy Chameleon Drama Co. to any school/teacher looking for a fresh and exciting way to get creative with their students. Even now the students still refer to things they learnt from those sessions. Lots of fun was had by all!

Hannah Loveday

Teacher at good shepherd lutheran college, nt

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